IL GUFO IL TOPO (A Children’s Opera)


A Children’s Opera about a mouse and an owl.

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Zita, a sweet little mouse, has spent her life venturing around the little shop tucked in the heart of a small village.  Each night, as the shop owner closes up and goes home, she wanders out and curiously scurries about the village.  On this particular evening, her curiosity pulls her into the dark, looming forest just down the path from the village.  There she discovers a host of friendly animals who introduce her to the creatures of the night.  The visit all comes with a stern warning to avoid Silvano, a mighty owl who soars above the towering trees looking for little creatures like Zita. Soon Zita finds herself in the clutches of Silvano’s mighty talons.  Will this be her doom or will Zita somehow find her way home again?

Il Gufo, Il Topo is an engaging opera written for children.  Join the adventure and discover the mysteries of the dark forest as Zita pursues her desire to know what’s there.


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