Songs About Us

I finished this project back in November.  Its inspiration comes from my current marriage for the most part, but it includes songs about relationships and experiences through many years.

Here I present a variety of arrangements from my original compositions about relationships.  Most of them are written with my husband in mind, but two or three are about other significant relationships or encounters.  Two are reflections from parenthood.  We both had previous marriages that resulted in children.  One of his children passed away as an adult three years ago.  That was so very hard for us, but it was devastating for him.  I felt I should acknowledge her in this work and pay tribute to her beautiful life. The two of them had such a tight and wonderful father/daughter bond.  How does one go on with such loss?  He’s a strong man and he presses on, but no one knows how deeply he grieves her passing.  No one.  

You can listen to recordings of the songs on your favorite streaming service. I set up a play list on YouTube as well for this album.

I hope you remember and cherish your relationships as you listen to or play the music from Songs About Us.  The music is available on Amazon.  -Will

About Will Suit Music

Will Suit is a native of North Georgia. His involvement in music is a lifelong love. He holds a performance degree from Tennessee Temple University and certifications as an Elementary Education Specialist in piano and voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the Music Teachers National Association and the National Federation of Music Clubs. His studio is geared toward engaging students, young and mature, to find the fun and sheer joy of experiencing music. Will grew up in the mountains of North Georgia, where he began singing and playing piano at age 5. His dad was a church pastor and his mom the pianist. So, needless to say, his talents were developed and pursued in that setting. Upon graduation from college, he spent more than twenty years as a music director. After leaving that profession in 2005, Will continued his love for writing as well as providing private music instruction. He worked as an independent contractor until 2018 when he opened Pedal Point Music. While the business keeps him busy, Will continues to maintain a full studio of students, a summer music workshop for young vocalists, two regular podcasts and a myriad of other activities. Will is also an avid composer and writer. He loves blogging, writing poetry, and, of course, composing music. He released a children’s album in 2017 called, “IN MY BACKYARD.” “IL GUFO, IL TOPO” is a children’s opera about the adventures of a young mouse, who ventures into a dark forest and encounters an owl. He’s written a stack of anthems, orchestrations and solos over the years. His series of musical studies/tools, “THE OWL SAYS HOO” encourages young singers toward healthy vocal production and musicianship. Most of the children’s songs in his collections were written to enhance the learning experience. It’s not unusual for others to pass his studio and hear his young students gleefully singing along to one of his tunes while he belts out the lyrics at the piano. His love of music is not lost on his young students, who eagerly look forward to lessons with “Mr. Will” week after week.
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