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Will Suit’s Music Now Available at TopMusicMarketplace!

I’ve been accumulating original songs of mine for some time and lately I’ve attempted to put them in a more organized fashion.  With the onset of the pandemic in March, I joined a host of music teachers frantically seeking solutions to teaching music remotely via online portals.  In the process of this forced evolution in teaching, instructors have established relationships with peers around the world, exchanging ideas and tools for effective teaching.

One of the great finds during this process for me was an existing group of teachers and professionals at  Tim Topham is the founder of this group and WOW, he’s really pulled together some wonderful people from around the world to support private music study.  You can follow the group on Instagram or your favorite social media app.  

Today, however, I want to tell you about their marketplace.  It is packed with incredibly topnotch resources for instructors.  You have to see it!  Go to and look around!  You’ll get lost in the wonderful choices you have, but I’m sure you’ll find just what you’re seeking!

While you’re there, visit my “booth” and check out the vocal resources available from Will Suit Music. Thank you and let me know how you like the store!

Will Suit