Meditation on Hursley

Today I’m calling attention to an instrumental arrangement I did a few years ago, “Meditation on Hursley.”  This is arranged for a brass quintet: 2 trumpets, F Horn, Trombone and Tuba.  I would put it in the intermediate to advanced levels, because of range, but it is a very accessible arrangement.

This tune has a disputed history, but it is rather clear that it has been around for a very long time!  It’s been used in Psalters and Hymnals.  If you know hymns, you may be familiar with its use for “Sun of My Soul.”  That was once the practice before all of the copyright laws and commercial greed took over the art process in music.  Composers would find a familiar tune with a meter that matched their lyrics and SURPRISE, they had a song.  These would be used in taverns for sing-alongs, concert halls,  places of worship, etc.

Today you would probably get sued for doing that unless you had the composer’s permission and paid a royalty.  So, if you want to do that without such a hassle, find an old song that’s public domain.  Hursley is now public domain.  Actually, it very likely was that old when it first got the masses’ attention.  It’s a very endearing tune.  The sound of it is haunting and stirs so many deep thoughts and emotions.

I have a few other voicings for this arrangement I may release in time.  If you have an event upcoming that requires such a piece, give it a try.  You’ll find it on Sheet Music Plus.


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Songs About Us

I finished this project back in November.  Its inspiration comes from my current marriage for the most part, but it includes songs about relationships and experiences through many years.

Here I present a variety of arrangements from my original compositions about relationships.  Most of them are written with my husband in mind, but two or three are about other significant relationships or encounters.  Two are reflections from parenthood.  We both had previous marriages that resulted in children.  One of his children passed away as an adult three years ago.  That was so very hard for us, but it was devastating for him.  I felt I should acknowledge her in this work and pay tribute to her beautiful life. The two of them had such a tight and wonderful father/daughter bond.  How does one go on with such loss?  He’s a strong man and he presses on, but no one knows how deeply he grieves her passing.  No one.  

You can listen to recordings of the songs on your favorite streaming service. I set up a play list on YouTube as well for this album.

I hope you remember and cherish your relationships as you listen to or play the music from Songs About Us.  The music is available on Amazon.  -Will

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The Owl Says Hoo Piano Book for Kids

Today I’m introducing a new piano book for beginner and elementary level players.  It’s part of the “The Owl Says Hoo” series and it’s called, “The Owl Says Hoo Piano Book for Kids.”  In this volume you’ll find 10 songs adapted and arranged for the beginner and early elementary piano student.  The lyrics are included so that you and your student can sing along as you play!  Check out the introductory video on YouTubeBetter yet, go on over to Amazon and purchase it!

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A Look at “All Is Silent KIDS’ EDITION”

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New Piano Music for the Holidays for Elementary Students

It’s the second week of September and I’m feeling a hard turn toward Fall.  I’ve always been sensitive to the turn of the seasons.  It’s time to think of pumpkins and scarecrows, but it’s also time to start preparing your young pianists for the holidays ahead.

All Is Silent is an adaptation of the songs included in the intermediate/advanced version by the same title. I’ve tried to simplify the arrangements, but maintain the integrity of the original composition.  These pieces are arranged simply and encourage playing melody between two hands.  In most of the pieces, your student’s hand position will never change.  There is a paperback and Kindle version available by clicking here. A PDF digital version will be available in the next few days by clicking here.  Some instructors would prefer the PDF version so that they can print the individual songs and assign them to the students of their choice.  

Also, check out my YouTube channel. There will be demos there in a few days, too.  

In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful Autumn just before us!

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